Love your code

A few weeks ago I launched a little landing page that was coded with the “Designer who codes” in mind, with the intention of make a little tribute to those who can design and code at the same time.

Repercussion wasn’t that big, but still got a few comments -good and bad ones- and a very nice contributions to it (the animated SVG was awesome).

The thing is that all this got me thinking again on the virtues of doing something instead of just talking on how much you want to do stuff. It’s a thousand times easier and more satisfying if you become a doer. It’s amazing how no matter what you do, there is someone out there on the internet all across the globe that likes what you are doing and get involved. Also I believe that having small side projects keeps you motivated and it helps your creativity flow, changing scenarios and tools from time to time.

You can go check it out => Love Your Code